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The Austin Hooper Foundation helps foster care children with an emphasis on those aging out of the system. When foster care children age out of the system at 18 or 21 years of age, they are often ill-equipped to navigate a successful path to a self-sufficient and independent adulthood. That’s precisely when they become most vulnerable — to homelessness, human trafficking, and a host of other threats and obstacles to their well-being and future happiness. According to the U.S.

Administration for Children and Families (ACF), by age 21, at least 26% of young people who aged out of foster care in the United States experienced a period or more of homelessness; a third lacked a high school diploma; and 25% had no health insurance. A quarter of these youth already had fathered or given birth to a child.

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We want to make a difference by helping these children find their passion and a career to be a productive member of society, whether they want to go to college or into a specific trade. The Austin Hooper Foundation works directly with OhioGuidestone in Berea, OH to make an impact on these children’s lives.